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SIM and Simsbury

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SIM continues our recording week. Yesterday we recorded “Disarm” and “Working for the Weekend.” Today we have “Cry Me a River” and “Right Me Up” on our plates. We are tiring considerably as the week goes on. A three set concert at Simsbury High School this morning didn’t quite help our voices. It did help our spirits (read: egos), though. We gave action-packed sets complete with screaming girls.

Overall, I’m finding that SIM is a bit under-prepared for the recording. We spend a lot of rehearsals working to sound good as a group when this type of recording involves doing individual parts (sometimes individuals) one at a time. This has made it tough for somewhat inexperienced singers to cope. Missed notes, rhythmic irregularities, pitchy-ness, tone quality, etc. all come out in the studio. You have to be a very good musician to get things right in the studio. It’s not that SIM isn’t musically sound. It’s that it is highly demanding to record and there were probably better ways to prepare.

Initial mixes sound good. SIM strives for a naturalistic sound. Everything you’ll hear on the CD will be a real human voice and has the capability to be replicated in performance. That said, the folks in the studio have shown us a fair number of “studio magic” tricks that adjust pitch and rhythm for the occasional flub. Each of our songs are recorded by layering tracks of each part. Each person on a separate microphone with the computer generated pitches and a click track playing in their ear. Talk about holding your hand — but whatever it takes to get it right.


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