The New National Anthem

My mother forwarded me the new lyrics to the PRC National Anthem. I know just enough of these characters to make this amusing. This is to help you prepare for when this blog turns primarily Chinese this summer for Language School at Middlebury College.



8 thoughts on “The New National Anthem”

  1. I think you need the back translation to English so those who don’t read Chinese can get the idea!

  2. as rendered by my translation widget:

    “New People’s Republic of China national anthem lyrics”:
    Gets up, but also has not opened a bank account people!
    All invests the attractive stock market yours fund,
    The Chinese nation arrived the time which gets rich.
    Each people all in excited send out the soaring roar: Buys up!
    Buys up! Buys up!
    Our millions of people are all of one mind, takes the bedding bag jail risk, the money to enter!
    Takes the bedding bag jail risk, the money to enter! Qian Chin! Qian Chinchin!

    even if that’s only a quarter correct, that’s got to be the most hilarious national anthem ever.

  3. Yes — the translation has a lot of money. The last “Qian Chin” actually should be “qian jin” which means “let the money come in.”

    Money, money, money!

  4. In the actual natinal athem… “qian jin” means “go forward or progress”… in the “new anthem,” it means “money coming in.”

  5. The two versions used different characters that are phonetically similar… i.e. they area different characters but sound phonetically similar and mean totally different things. The joy of learning Chinese as a second language!

  6. Beware of automatic translation program… what the program translated as “takes the bedding bag jail risk” actually should be “taking the risk of (having your money) being tied up (in stocks).” The automatic program looks at each single character and gives a translation. In this case, the program mistakenly grouped two separate, unrelated characters and translated the phrase to “bedding bag” (or, comforter cover) instead of “being” and “tied.”

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