Prayer of the Children

SIM is planning to finish up the majority of our work recording “Prayer of the Children” and “Joy to the World” today. “Prayer” has been particularly tough going because it is a traditional classical song — choir-boy style. But we chose to record it just like the rest of our songs: in layers with click tracks and MIDI inputs. The issue is that the song starts and stops with various tempos and lots of “feeling.” SIM clearly knows how to sing it well — check out our YouTube clip. How does one reduce down this “feeling” into a MIDI file which plays the song electronically in our ears? It can’t.

Surely, the ability to mix the parts for a balanced sound will be great but this song will lose a lot of it emotion that makes it so touching in concert. This song should have been recorded like many classical pieces are: all at once. I may be wrong and it may turn out great with the help of studio magic but my hopes are low for that song right now.
The rest of the songs are sounding great. I am having a bit of trouble recording one of my two solos. After a short bout of sickness on Monday, my voice is still tired from a three-set concert yesterday as well as working out my other solo the day before (a song requires a bit of shouting).