Why I Should Sing Arias

Forgive me, but I am going to be a divo for this post. An inquiries about my ego can be directed to the comments section.

I sing two solos on the upcoming SIM CD: “Disarm” (Smashing Pumpkins) and “Right Me Up” (State Radio). I cannot sing these songs any longer. They effectively ruin my voice. First they are high in my range and second they require a level of shouting that my voice is not built for. I “sang” Disarm for the CD twice through and my voice was shot for three days. I decided to not to sing Right Me Up in a similar fashion to save my voice. The song will not sound in the style but I’m okay with that.

This type of singing (rock / some pop / alt) has a lot more throat mixed in than traditional classical music which is based in the diaphragm. The question is if these types of songs can have the same sound produced in the throat by using the diaphragm. I believe no. You cannot sing a rock/alt type song without straining your throat. Those of you on the Middlebury campus will recognize popular icons such as Tim Shepherd who uses a lot of throat in his voice — and he is known to cough up blood after concerts.

That said, how does a professional sing throaty songs day after day? One can do wonders of good by supporting a throaty sound with lots of breath and support from the diaphragm. But often times that isn’t enough.

So, I will not let myself continue shouting songs. Up with arias, down with pop songs. More smooth love songs, less angsty teenage rock.


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  1. Well Ryan, we always knew you were a lover, not a fighter. Shame about the songs though, does that mean another SIM member will be singing those solos?

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