Me Updated

A few updates in my life (each could be its own post but bear with me):

  • I am leaving back to Middlebury tomorrow to begin language school — more in a later post on the future of this blog in relation to the language pledge.
  • After language school I will be taking holiday (vacation in American-speak) in Australia with my immediate family. We will be joined by my grandfather from Hong Kong.
  • I auditioned for and accepted a role as “Man” in “Manifesto for Another World,” a play by Ariel Dorfman. The play is called a series of “words of witness” about human rights atrocities around the world. There are eight “voices” in the script and one “man” which sort of plays omnipotent narrator. My role was originally played by Alec Baldwin. Nerina Cocchi ’10 will be directing the play at Middlebury College in the Fall in conjunction with a human rights symposium. I am looking forward to staying involved in theater outside a faculty-directed show.
  • I am currently feeling out thesis topics. Since I will be studying abroad in China, I am looking to start a thesis project on an areas of interest in China so I can do research there. Current topics of interest include: education, the Olympics, environmental degradation, the Arts. Please let me know if you have any words of wisdom to contribute or people you think might be helpful regarding those topics.
  • I now have Twitter!
  • I relented and bought a MacBook to be used at school and abroad. So far, things are going well with the new computer but I am very particular about my needs and experience. I describe myself as a very skeptical Mac convert. I will keep y’all posted with my experience and recommendations. Check out ChineseMac site at Yale which has helped me turn my computer Chinese for the summer.
  • A few projects for the Fall: bringing ZipCar and George Watsky to Middlebury.

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  1. Hey Ryan! Hope you’re enjoying what seems like quite a busy summer for you! I just stumbled onto your website and read the last piece about zipcar. Do you know what’s going on with it? I actually have been researching best practices in city planning and transportation at my internship and wanted to propose car-sharing at Midd! It’d be awesome if it could get itself off the ground. KIT!

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