To David Rawson

I am sad to report that David Rawson has passed away. Dave was a friend of mine who I met at San Francisco University High School. He was/is a theater kid. I performed with him in Oklahoma! and Crazy for You. He certainly was a role model for my UHS theater experience. He knew how to perform with gusto, energy, spirit in ways I still strive to match today. I don’t think I’d ever seen him not smiling.

I once visited him at Tufts University when I was looking at colleges. He was kind enough to show me and my parents around for an hour or two.

Dave also shared my passion for China/Hong Kong. He studied at HKU while I was at Shantou University. We exchanged emails about HK and interests in the culture.

I lack the appropriate emotive words to write more. So, thank you David for all you have blessed me with.

Dona Eis Requiem Sempiternam.