The CIA Wants You!

Yes, the CIA dropped by Middlebury last week to recruit and interview applicants for careers over in Washington and abroad. I attended their information session (more at out of curiosity and learned these interesting tidbits:

  • Chinese and Arabic are the top priority languages. They sound almost desperate for any U.S. natives who speak these languages. Second in line are Spanish and Russian. Third in line is everybody else.
  • There are three branches of the CIA. Two are boring and one you risk getting killed on a daily basis.
  • There is a list of disqualifications about a mile long. And yes, I sat through the entire disqualification briefing. Stop stealing music off the internet, says the CIA, or else no job for you.
  • I must be in-country when applying because they want to do a thorough background check on me…

So, I decided the CIA is not my cup of tea but I have a feeling it floats at least a few Middkids’ boats. The CIA hearts Midd language school…