Routine Makes for Bad Blogging

I always tell myself never to blog about blogging, but sometimes I can’t help it. Today I realized that the mundane, routine, day-to-day schlep makes for bad blogging. I know only because the routine here at Middlebury Language School is taking its toll: I am bored and unhappy and out of post ideas.

So they say “life is in the details.” But the details never reveal themselves until they change. And routine prevents change.

I can predict down the minute where I will be on any given weekday at Chinese school because we have a schedule and we stick to it. I can also predict the content of every class because the format never changes. 7:50AM Quiz, 8:00AM Grammar, 8:30AM Break, 8:35AM Vocabulary and Text Reading, 9:30AM Break, 9:45AM Grammar and Vocab Review, 10:30AM Break, 10:35AM Dialogues.

When I was working at summer camps, routine was king because it makes it easy on the leaders. A set schedule allowed for a discipline and training. Kids get used to what they need to do and adapt to it. Productivity bloggers always suggest a routine of habits that keep you productive. I suggest that routine is not enough. You need to keep things fresh, alive, and creative. But the question is how to maintain a schedule while mixing things up. That is the hard part.