Pownce on It

I’ve always been captivated by social networking. I had a Friendster account back in the day. I still have a MySpace account. I’m convinced everyone needs Facebook. I am part of Doostang, an “online career community.” I also do Yelp but use it more just to track my own eating habits. Orkut (by Google) doesn’t really count but I have an account there too.

But today I got an special invite to test Pownce (my public profile). At first glance, this is your standard social networking service. That means there is no special interests, just made to connect friends and acquaintances. But what sets Pownce apart is that it takes social networking back to the basics (like Facebook in the early days): 1) a closed community, 2) very simple features (private messages, public messages, events, send files, and send links), 3) clean design. In fact, it’s the design that makes it so fun to use. Now, I just have to find some friends on the service so that Pownce actually becomes useful.

Want to try? I have a few invites…let me know.


One thought on “Pownce on It”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    I’d take an invite if you have one laying around. Also, I’d be curious on if you have any ideas sometime on how to improve the social networking experience, especially around ways to integrate social networking features into web browsers.

    Hope all is well with you. Best,


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