Facebook Thoughts

It’s been a good several months since I’ve commented on Facebook, the ever-growing, ever-popular social networking site. I have followed Facebook in the past couple years as it rolled out various features. But instead of talking about features (including what I call the “改革開放” of Facebook where they rolled FB API), I want to say that today I did the unthinkable: I friended my professors on Facebook.
To the uninitiated, that’s a scary thought because Facebook is a traditionally a student’s online playground. It still is but now, you can peek over fence and see the professors at play too. A lot of faculty and administrators used to believe in not violating “student space.” But now, no one seems to mind. For instance, a public safety officer at Middlebury has nearly 1900 Middlebury student “friends” on Facebook. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am friends with a Middlebury administrator who works in the office of communication who has three “friends” on Facebook but keeps an account to “stay up with the times.”

But professors are even a step beyond the admin since you may see your professor everyday. I friended rather young teachers but still, the thought of them leaving me a joking message is scary. The worst part, it already has started with friends of mine here at language school exchanging Facebook messages with their professor regularly. Then again, I also live two doors down from my teachers. What kind of barriers exist between students and teachers?
Goes to show: social networking reaches a lot of people so watch what content you yourself create…