Back to School, Back to Back

It’s been a whirlwind getting back to school and completing the first week. I actually arrived just under a week early to school to participate in and run various orientations: Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB), Deliberative Dialogue, and PALANA. I started my classes this past Monday and they a go a little something like this:

Chinese 301: Advanced Chinese (Wang)
This class continues my battle with the Chinese language that begun last year and followed through the summer. This class is misleading because after spending an entire summer working on Chinese, I think I can easily get through this class with fewer vocab and grammar points per day but one must remember that I am also taking three other classes…

Environmental Science 211: Environmental Policy (Klyza)
As part of my environmental science minor, I think this is a fantastic class discussing how policy affects the environmental movement. I eat this stuff up because it’s incredibly interdisciplinary and very on top of current events (we’re required to read the Daily Grist).

Chinese 220: Chinese Modern Lit (Moran)
Admittedly, this has nothing to do with my major but I like the teacher and the subject anyway. Somehow I’m looking for insight into what Chinese people define as “creativity.”

Political Science 109: International Politics (Williams and Yuen)
This is my single major course for the semester. It’s starting fairly theoretical but this is right down my alley. Huge reading amounts should burden me plenty but break out the realism arguments or current events and I’ll gladly read.