What does the word “abundance” mean to you?

When I arrived this weekend in California for my cousin Jessica Kellett’s wedding, I was challenged to think about abundance for a one-minute speech during the ceremony.

Some B.S. usually would suffice for such an occasion. Waxing prophetic on love, joy, and happiness seemed to be norm but my two cents went something like this:

I am young. Younger than Ryan and Jess. So I don’t know about love, joy, or happiness yet. So instead I want to talk about the abundance of something else, something that perhaps I know something more about. What it does it mean to have an abundance of listening, an abundance of understanding? Listening and understanding are of the utmost importance to me and I wish upon Jess and Ryan the greatest amounts of listening and understanding. For not only will it be central to Jess and Ryan’s relationship over the next many years, it will be central to the world over the next many years. And so I bestow liberal amounts of listening and understanding for Ryan and Jess on this truly wonderful day.

Congratulations to my cousin Jess and her new hubby Ryan (I like his name)!