Missing Link

I admit I miss MiddBlog. It’s been about a week or two since I handed that project over to Sarah Franco ’08 here at Middlebury, and I somehow miss blogging to a student audience. I miss the pulpit from which I spouted loving criticism for Middlebury College.

But MiddBlog is going on strong! In fact, readership is up both in site statistics and in RSS feed statistics (clearly I’ve been checking up on MiddBlog). But one thing that came up in my last few weeks with MiddBlog is: Is Middlebury College a blog-friendly school?

The answer is a resounding no. Or at least it isn’t yet. With the president of the college and dean of the college starting their own blogs recently, it’s a question that is on a lot of people’s minds. Is blogging right for Middlebury? I helped both President Ron Liebowitz and Dean of the College Tim Spears with their first posts and it seems to me that blogging has so much potential in opening up the communication lines between the administration and the students. Even among students, communication is caught in 90’s email trap. Any way you look at it, students are missing a communication portal that extends into the college (because clearly Facebook has got it covered on the social scene).

Perhaps blogs are a start of aggregating information and creating online places for discussion but it certainly is NOT the answer to the overall problem. Students need a web portal. We’re talking a iGoogle or MyYahoo for Middlebury College. A place that shows you email, academics, social life, blogs, and the newspaper all in one place. One-stop shopping. That is what we need.