Zipcar to the Future

Stares. Sideways glances. I’m checking you out.

Zipcar has finally come to Middlebury College after years of being the “inner-city” kid. And it’s odd but intriguing for townspeople and students alike to see a branded Zipcar parked at the grocery store or cruising down College Street. But despite the high prices, people are almost universally drawn to the cars which are rented by the hour or by the day. Can you beat environmentally friendly Priuses and providing a student service?

I have tested the service out and it really is a nice convenience to know you can have a car when you want it. To the co-op or Burlington or maybe to the proposed Starbucks to be built in Middlebury. But it isn’t quite having a car when you need it because cars must be booked in advance. For instance, this Fall Break, cars were booked several weeks in advance. Thanksgiving break is already all booked up with students trying to get as far from campus as possible.

Does this preclude me from wanting a car for senior year? No. But then again, why would I drive a car from San Francisco to Vermont next summer? I’ll stick with Zipcar, at least until I go to China.

EDIT: Just like Threadless, Zipcar has a referral program now! So, now I can “give” you $25 in driving credit if you too join Zipcar but I have to send you some special email that says I “referred” you. So, let me know if you would like to join and get some free driving money to start…