Blogging and Me

I think I’ve heard from my fair share of people who say that “blogging will never get you a job.” You don’t put blogging on your resume, any blogger will tell you. So as my recent lack of posts might show, I’ve been having second thoughts about blogging. Why do people blog? Is it the fame? Is it the attention?


But I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is about writing and learning. By blogging regularly, you practice writing, a real essential skill in the workplace today. With the decline of regularity in posting, I feel like the quality of my writing as declined as well. But extending beyond practice, blogging is a frame of mind or a way to observe the world. I think it is a really useful exercise to go through life with the conception that “if you were to explain an experience to someone, how would you explain it to someone?” It’s a lot like storytelling.


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