The American Hunter

Among the many news feeds I get every day, I always look forward to The Grist, an online news journal that uses some nice wit in conveying the top environmental stories each day. Required as part of my Environmental Policy course, I often flag stories for my ongoing list of articles I read over at Google Reader (RSS).

One that caught my attention today: The American Hunter is a Dying Breed. All throughout my various courses on environmental studies has been the hunter as a conservationist. No hunters, no money for conservation. No conservation, no animals, no hunters. My dad is a hunter and he loves it. As much as people are sometimes turned off by the “barbaric hunter” ideas, I think more people need to realize that hunters are good. They care about the environment too and sometimes they are the strong supporters of protecting waterfowl and wetlands, etc. So, go out there and find the hunters among you! Maybe even thank them for all the duck-stamps they buy…


One thought on “The American Hunter”

  1. When will you start hunting? We had our first fresh roast ducks for dinner a couple nights ago… a mallard and a wood duck from opening weekend. Yum!

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