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While it’s certainly interesting to hear that this blog was featured in Middlebury College alumni/parent magazine, I love how the communications department didn’t bother to let me know what was coming. That said, it appears the beginning of a blogging community is forming here at Middlebury. Beginning with MiddBlog (now run by Sarah Franco, ’08) which I founded last year, we’ve added key members of the college community including President Liebowitz and Dean of the College Tim Spears. In addition to Professor Jason Mittell out of FMMC, Prof. Barbara Ganley maintains a fantastic blog and she also asks her students to blog. Want real insight into Middlebury? Visit Prof. Ganley students’ blogs, examples: Cathy and Sam.

My latest blogging project has involved documenting a new type of blog: abroad blogs. Below you’ll see an Google mashup map that lists the blogs of various Middlebury students who are blogging their experiences abroad. These insights into life abroad are invaluable to prospective students looking into programs abroad but also they have value in their day-to-day feel for what it is live in another country. This comes at a time when college students are expect themselves and are expected by employers to have a study abroad experience. See this NYTimes article in Education Life.
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  1. I dropped your name at the College Board Forum as a nice student blog, too, I think… or at least, I wanted to do so–time was short so I might have missed the last demo. Oh well! Keep up the good work : )

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