Inked: Manifesto Makes the Paper

Appearing in the Middlebury newspaper, The Campus, the write-up of my show had this to say about my role in “Manifesto for Another World”:

Certain accounts of approaching squadrons or abused wives were supported by the physical participation of those actors not speaking, who rolled, jumped, marched or fought in the shadows of the individual’s memory. Challenging the strength of these individuals was The Man, a smarmy personification of oppressive societal authority. Played by Ryan Kellett ’09, this Machiavellian figure shot sarcastic and cynical remarks, rejecting the characters’ messages as unfounded, exaggerated and impractical. From his raised seat in the audience, Kellett observed and dismissed the figures and their stories as they were performed within the maze of fencing on stage until, overwhelmed by the steady strength of victims who persevered, he cracked. As part of a daring conclusion, audience members found themselves pulled behind the fences to the back of the stage, where they were addressed under the Zoo’s usual fluorescent lighting for the final minutes of the production.

Okay, so nothing said of my acting skills but I’m probably thankful for that non mention if only because the play was more about the overall message than about my performance…