Packing for China

Gearing up to go to China, one of the challenges in the next few days prior to my departure is deciding what and what not to pack. Packing is a touchy subject because it is a balancing act. Pack too much and you’re stuck lugging that 100 pound (I guess I should finally get acquainted with grams/kilos) suitcase everywhere you go. Pack too little and you risk not having what you need when you need it.

Last time I went to China for four months I packed one large rolling duffel. I had a little over a week’s worth of clothes (mostly light weight for the southern China), my tech equipment (camera, comp, cables, etc.), a bunch of English books, all kinds of OTC drugs, and a few other odds and ends. Even with just one bag, it was quite a pain of lugging stuff around. I ended up leaving all the English books in China for the return trip, but I don’t regret bringing all that paper because the books kept me sane.
This trip goes for sixth months (at least) and will cover weather ranging from extreme cold to hot/humid. I intend to pack one large travel backpack this time (ooh, how graduation-trip-to-Europe is that!). But this could get tricky. I need a heavy jacket and boots for the cold of Beijing but also dress clothes.

I already have an ongoing list that takes into account “less-is-more” but any suggestions from the comment gallery?


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  1. Ryan, I ‘m a huge fan of underpacking. You can always buy some socks and undershirts once you get to China, so just pack the essentials, I would say.

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