Contacting Santa

First, Merry Christmas everyone!

Second, I am in the process of tweaking my contact information. See below.

As with most these days, I live and die by the email inbox. I use Google’s ever-evolving GMail. But now I can use GMail with a new email address (via Google Apps): Yes, my previous email address still works because it forwards into my new account. With the new address, when I exchange emails with Middlebury professors, Facebook friends, and employers alike, they will see email coming from my own domain at

I am also testing a new phone service from Google: GrandCentral. Essentially, I have a new number that when called, forwards that call to any number of phones around me from my home phone to my cell phone to my dorm phone. But I’m using it while I’m abroad for taking voicemail messages because all messages are forwarded to my email. It’s uncertain as to which features of this service won’t be free in the future so I don’t want to get to reliant on it. That said, it serves as a great way to reach me in China by just dialing a local number: 415-683-0626 (yes, that is a San Francisco area code).

Should I be worried that almost exclusively use Google products? Maybe. My privacy may be being violated left and right but the functionality of their products is astonishing. Where Apple’s Macs win solely on ease-of-use, Google gives ease but also power and flexibility. So there you go, I am a Google evangelist.