Day 3: Classes Begin

Stairway to Breakfast2

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Today, we started class promptly at 8:25AM. We had class until 11:30 and proceeded to have the famous Beijing/Peking Duck at a nearby restaurant as part of opening ceremony.

I had a one-on-one class today where my teacher and I were discussing China’s problems. In our conversation I said, “What if a Chinese person went out on the street and said ‘I don’t like the government.'” She responded with a loud gasp and gave me a “shhhh” and pointed to the walls. I “recovered” with a party-line response of “it’s for the good of the people” but was surprised by the response… Yes, we are in the capitol.

Picture of the Day: Yesterday, I actually didn’t eat at this corner location but today I decided to take the plunge after giving the place a good look for cleanliness. Besides, breakfast is a lot better on the street. Some dou jiang (soy bean milk hot drink) and some odd meat-cabbage combo-thing that I mumbled out. Looks like I’ll be back tomorrow!

Happy New Year!