Day 6: You’re Kidding, Right?


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In the aftermath of yesterday’s academic overload, today we had a full day of class from 8AM-3PM including regular class, plus presentations, and followed by the weekly dose of skits. The skits are to practice speaking and are performed in front of the entirety of the students here at CET. This meant I got to revive my role as elderly Beijing person who does Tai Chi in the park. That’s always fun even if it stresses me out when performances are thrown-together in such a way.

Upon returning from lunch, I found a notice on my door in English: Check Your Email. Okay: Tomorrow at 6:20AM you are leaving for a “Foreigner Physical Examination.” You’re kidding, right? Well, apparently our visas were processed through the Hangzhou program and gave us a half-year multiple entry visa. No physical exam is required for Hangzhou. But the issue is that since we are staying more than a week in Beijing, we must register here and, alas, an in-China physical exam is needed. Grrr but, hey, you play by the rules in the capital. So tomorrow I am off at 6:20AM for a Chest X-Ray, Physical Exam, ECG, and Blood Test. The last one I’m a little worried about with needles being what they are in China.

This afternoon I got a few passport photos needed for the physical tomorrow and a cup of coffee (huh?) at a local coffeehouse, which are actually quite hard to find (minus of course, Starbucks).

Picture of the Day: Looking up at the morning sky as I take my breakfast in to the classroom to begin my studies. A large hotel in the far back and clothing building in the front. You can see the place where I eat breakfast on the far left — the people there know me now.