I Care Now

I was in New York eating cupcakes when I saw on a tiny little TV screen in the corner that someone had announced they were running for president. It turned out to be Barack Obama. Today, I watch from my computer screen from as far away as China as Obama won Iowa. I told my roommate here in China that I don’t really care much for American politics (we discuss this because everyone discuss their major as if it’s their neighbor). I’ve always had interest but never did I actually care. But I should really tell my roommate that for some reason I really do care now. I care deeply. I buy Obama story and message hook, line, and sinker. He makes me want to care and so it almost doesn’t matter the specifics of policy, etc. His speeches are moving as a performance. The stage presence, the facial expression, the emotion, the passion. And I know how to relate to that.


2 thoughts on “I Care Now”

  1. I would agree, Obama is money. I keep getting the feeling like I’m being baited, but it’s not like he’s going to be worse than Bush. I think that’s the defining part about the 2008 election: there’s no way that anybody is going to be worse than Bush, so everybody is generally happy that the election is coming soon.

  2. To tell you the truth, I really don’t understand what Obama is saying half the time. He really seems like a cultural phenomenon to me. That’s not to say I don’t like him, but I just wish I knew what these politicians were talking about.
    I just watched the NH debates and it really introduced me to a lot of the candidates on both sides. For one, Hillary reminds me of my mom. It’d be great to have a woman president, but she really needs to find a way to make it at least seem like she has a heart. Edwards, on the other hand, is just a burst of sunshine. I like him, I’m not sure why. He reminds me of a Democratic Romney. On the other side, I think Giuliani has the most sense out of all of them. Some of his policies I think really make sense. Huckabee, having won the Iowa caucus, is really likable. Ron Paul is soo cute!!! Hrm… as an independent voter, how will I vote! ;o)

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