Day 7-8: Wall to Wall

Sunny Day at the Long Wall

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Well, I probably should start with the picture above and move backwards. Today, we visited the Great Wall of China (the only man-made structure viewable from space!). We went to Mutainyu location which was actually not crowded at all compared to other sites of the wall but perhaps the cold weather keeps people away too. Indeed, the Wall is very long and it’s in good shape. My roommate, Liu Yang, and I hiked a good portion of it. See the 60+ photos by clicking above. Didn’t pick up any souvenirs but, alas, the hike overall looked pretty good despite pollution and such.

Yesterday was an adventure first to (ti jian) or the medical checkup as part of the messy visa process. We boarded the bus at 6:25AM and arrived at 7AM, an hour before opening. At 8AM, 20+ of us were the first to be shuffled through the medical checkup which turned out to be rather efficient. First the paperwork, then pay, then ECG, then physical, then blood test, then chest x-ray, and voila you’re done! The scary blood test was fine, they were checking for AIDS so they used all single-use needles. The physical was a joke where the doctor pretended to listen to my heartbeat and take my blood pressure — he ended up entering in the “perfect” information into the computer, 120/80 and 72BPM — clearly not my stats but he had a lot of people to get through. The rest of the day was made up of a oral exam and some review class that I was late to.

And Korean BBQ for dinner because all Chinese people love Korean culture to the max. Talk about soft power (apologies to Prof. WIlliams and the Polisci Dept.).

Picture of the Day: Well, this one is on top of one of the many “stations” which used to have fire-signals. Yes, it’s just like in Mulan…


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  1. Ryan,

    I’m kinda late, but happy New Year. 🙂 I finally mustered up the courage to find out how much fun you’re having in China. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well (not that I expected any less!) and your stories are very interesting. You’re making me a little Asia-sick, lol.

    your new faithful reader,

  2. Nice blog! It’s really fascinating to read about your experiences…I especially enjoyed the entry on privilege. Anyway, keep updating…I look forward to reading!

  3. “Viewable” is a ridiculous word. The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure that is “visible” from space.

    Yes, that was the main thing I got out of the entry. Consider it a compliment; you seem to be taking care of yourself, so I’ll correct your word choice instead of harrying you about “bad life decisions,” as Caitlin would put it.

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