Day 9: Forbidden Places


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As if I didn’t cram in enough sightseeing this weekend already, I went to the Forbidden City today. It’s a vast landscape of building after building dedicated to the former emperors of China. Great bed chambers and guest suites aside, the place is worth seeing because it is very picturesque in that stereotypically Chinese way. I particularly enjoyed the Imperial garden at the back — a great place to contemplate the policies of a nation. It was nice to be joined by a few friends from Middlebury too. We, of course, kept out Chinese sharp on our day out.

Picture of the Day: This is my only relation in Beijing. Still not sure how he’s related to me but he is vaguely. In this photo, he is playing tourguide at the Forbidden City. He was particularly kind to take us out to Beijing Kao Ya (Peking Duck) and drive us around (even to the newly-opened Egg! Brownie points to anyone who can tell me what the purpose of the Egg is). Click on the picture above for the 30+ other photos from today!