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Colorful Warrior

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I’m mad at myself for packing my traveling days so tight that I don’t have much time to blog. Don’t worry, I’ve been jotting down blog ideas as I go along so that when I get a chance, I can go back and flush out some of the ideas I’ve been working on. So for now, a picture and a list of whereabouts since my last post:

Jan 29: Terracotta Warriors and the Old Menu Cheat
Jan 30: Amusement Park and British friends
Jan 31: Air travel day to Kunming
Feb 1: One Day in Kunming (West Mountain/Xi Shan and Exploring the City)
Feb 2: Bus travel day to Lijiang

Photo of the Day: Pretty self-explanatory but these are the Terracotta Warriors. In this photo, you can clearly see the color variation. As one of the top sites in China, it certainly is quite impressive and I’m happy I went. That said, it’s not quite the Great Wall or Angkor Wat. Our group joked that we think Mao put these there in the 40s as a the largest tourist trap in history…