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Following in the footsteps of fellow blogger Kelly Xiayu Jin‘s pet project of uniting together a college blogs, Dan Wasyluk has reinvigorated the movement with: The College Blog Network. I have joined up as the first representative from Middlebury College. While there is certainly a small Middlebury blogging community, it continues to grow with more and more students abroad creating blogs.

It’s a little tough to get a good picture of a place, or a study abroad program, from just one source so here are a few other China experiences:

Sarah Kirk (Fall 2007) – Stranger Speaks Eight Ways

Stefan Claypool (Fall 2007) – Chinese Diary

Mairead Harris (Spring 2008) – Hexiaoman

Liz Pogust (Spring 2008) – Penglisha

Andrew Seid (Fall/Winter 2007) – Andrew Seid

I often tell people in China about how in America, Chinese is a “hot” language along with Arabic. Here’s a quick peek at an Arabic student’s life in Egypt from my friend, Caitlin Maxwell: Caitlin in Egypt.


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  1. Hey Ryan! I’ve been enjoying reading all about your study abroad experience. I like the new site design! Didn’t see it until just now–such is the case with RSS, you know… Anyhow, thanks for pointing out the college blog network thing to me–I signed up for it (waiting for Yale U to be added) and will try it out. Not sure how I feel about the interface, but we’ll see. Dan didn’t give credit to Kelly (or certain other ventures, for that matter) as he claims his is the “first network” of its kind. (!)

    Anyways, keep it up!

  2. Hey Ryan! Hey Sam! Glad to see you both on TCBN 🙂 I told Sam this already via email but i wanted to put it in this public forum as well. TCBN is not literally the “first network for college bloggers” and I apologize if some people felt slighted by that definition. We certainly honor Kelly’s effort and other’s efforts before her to unite the college blogosphere.

    It is also important to note we dreamed up the idea of an index of only college blogs without ever knowing about Kelly’s site. But of course we found it when researching possible other sites that provided services similar to ours, but by that time it [] had already been sold. And although I did not have a chance to visit her site while it was operational, I think it’s function was slightly different than that of TCBN (I think she was helping host blogs too? not sure…).

    We certainly recognize her efforts (and others?). We don’t want there to be any harsh feeling floating around about this title of “first network for college blogs” so we have since changed our wording, we aim to unite college bloggers, not divide them over semantics 🙂


    Sorry for the tangent! Ok now for what I actually meant to say- Ryan- funny your writing about how students going to study abroad are creating blogs. My girlfriend is actually traveling to study abroad in Australia for 4months :tear: and I actually helped her setup a blog to track her experiences there. At first she was hesitant because she isn’t really a “computer type” but after she got in there and got to setup her theme and stuff she really enjoyed it. Now she can’t wait to get over there and snap some pictures to have something to blog about :). Found it ironic I stumbled upon this post now, at 3am the night before she is leaving for said trip!


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