Spring Break: Taiwan?


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So as the flowers continue to bloom here in Hangzhou, signaling spring at its best, I am planning Spring Break! My break runs from April 4th through April 13th (a week) and my current plans are to go to Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan, that place that just recently made headlines for accidentally receiving United States intercontinental ballistic missile parts, that place that just held elections, that place that is no longer really sure if it wants to be independent.

So, here’s the question: what should I do in Taiwan? Leave a comment (but be sure to include eating tips because, let’s be honest, I’m really just going to Taiwan to eat)! I likely will be staying toward to the East coast of Taiwan, as I hear that’s where it’s happening but feel free to contest that too.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break: Taiwan?”

  1. The Standard:

    Taipei, the home of Din Tai Fang Restaurant… the best known “soup dumplings” and the same organization which opened the restaurant of the same name in “Shin-Tian-Di” in Shanghai.

    National Palace Museum, where lots of great Chinese art had gone to before the Communists took over.

    Taipei’s “night markets” is well known for its food stalls. I think they are slightly cleaner than those in China, but it is buyers’ beware (of course.) Agricultural products and fruits are the best in Taiwan… some of those you don’t usually see in other countries… like “lien-wu,” not so good looking but very tasty strawberries (that they eat with condensed milk), etc.

    If you have a week, you may want to go outside of Taipei…

  2. One more item”

    The tallest building in Taipei, the Taipei 101 has a wonderful food court in the basement… lots of choices.

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