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This week, amid various midterms, I am getting hit with some Middlebury administrative items. But what should be housekeeping items have been bearing on my mind as I realize that I am drawing near graduation from Middlebury College. With an additional 1.5 (or 1 year, depending) left in my college journey (I refuse to call it a career), things like housing and class selection for next Fall are of the utmost importance.

First, housing. I have never done a room draw or room lottery before mostly because I’ve lived in special interest housing the past two years. But this year, I dove right in not really knowing what to expect. Some major changes in Middlebury college housing went into effect this year, and I originally planned to live in Commons Service Housing. But after a disappointing offer from the college, I entered the full on lottery for the first time. Armed with a strikingly low 670 draw number, my housing goal was simply to find a good group of quiet and clean folks to live with. Friends came to the rescue, and we assembled a six-person “block” application. I’ll find out soon how it goes. Either way, I think Middlebury housing is good enough all around that no matter what, things work out. Sometimes housing unnecessarily becomes a point of stress.

Second, classes. With extra credits from Chinese Summer School last year, I now have the ability to graduate early. But my latest difficulty is deciding my eligibility and desire to complete a thesis. A thesis is sometimes very alluring in that I often feel as if I want to have that capstone achievement of my academics. At the same time, the logistics and requirements of such a large work (120 pages of research over a year) are no doubt daunting. And considering how few (5) courses I have taken within my major (I passed out of several baseline requirements), I still feel as if it is premature to start a large work when I don’t know know faculty or course matter well enough. Either way, I am continuing taking a heavy load of Political Science and Economics of classes next semester but likely without any Chinese courses (enough of that here in China, ya?).


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  1. I’d be interested in talking with you about whether to do a thesis — I have more time to decide, but I’m having the same internal conflict. I just wonder if I’d regret not doing one…

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