Singin the Acappella Blues

On my way back from Taiwan, I learned that my acappella group, Stuck in the Middle (SIM), was disbanded for the semester due to a hazing incident. While I was 12 time zones away when this happened and don’t know the complete picture, I find it particularly troubling because the gentlemen I know in SIM are some of the most upstanding and outstanding guys I know at Middlebury College. I’m saddened to hear that the College administration chose to disband the group for the semester, but understand that necessity of the action. I simply hope that other groups (from sports to religious to performing arts) on the Middlebury campus who have actual (and serious) hazing issues that include alcohol and dangerous activities (unlike SIM) take notice. SIM is taking the fall unnecessarily, and I certainly know that I will be returning to the group next fall with full confidence in the group and its members.

Take a look at articles in the Middlebury Campus, the Campus Editorial, a video segment from WPCX, and the Associated Press report.