Travel Lottery: Send Ryan on Vacation!

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The program here in Hangzhou is quickly drawing to an end. Two more weeks of classes plus a week of exams and summer begins!

I will traveling some more (one week or so) before settling down in Beijing for most of the summer. Any suggestions? On the radar right now are the remote regions of Xinjiang (home to a large Uygur population) or Inner Mongolia (grasslands and living in yurts). Some have pointed me south to Guilin and others say maybe Sichuan if only to hold a baby panda. Tibet is still closed and will likely continue to be until the Olympics ends.

Keep in mind I’ve been to: Xi’an, Kunming, Lijiang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai in the last five months.


3 thoughts on “Travel Lottery: Send Ryan on Vacation!”

  1. You know there is a charge to take a photo with the pandas. Also, another heftier fee (like over 3 figures in US$) for holding one in your arms, very copmmercial and expensive.

  2. I have to say the idea of holding a baby panda sounds very cute, but perhaps it’s a silly reason to make a trip (of course, I’m sure you’d be able to do plenty of other cool things besides just holding a panda!). My Chinese prof wrote an article on her trip to Xinjiang for my magazine and it sounds really beautiful. If you want I’ll send you the link to our site once the article is posted.

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