Oh, the boys

A quick shout out to the fantastic San Francisco Boys Chorus (SFBC). which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend! I was in the SFBC from around 1993 through 2001 and the organization helped me more than I will ever be able to articulate. It helped me find a love for music while also instilling infinite creativity, discipline, and more. I also served as a camp counselor for the SFBC for several years; it was a fantastic summer experience for all ages.

They got a write-up in the SF Chronicle too so go check ’em out if you can grab a ticket at the historic San Francisco Opera House. The program for the concert has a mix of crazy stuff including a rarely heard uber-modern piece set to a genome text. Wow, all I ever sang was classical stuff. Some of the cute little kids (there are about a few hundred more boys in the chorus than there was when I was in it) will also demonstrate their abilities at doing fantastic choreography, so watch out for that too!


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