Update on Olympic Cheering

After going to a China-Cuba volleyball match in Hangzhou, I mused in an article for the Middlebury Campus that China needed to work on igniting the passion in its cheering. I wrote, “Between the construction of Olympic venues, promotion of the five mascots of the Beijing Olympics and the pressure on the Chinese national teams, the culture of audience participation is underwhelming compared to European World Cup fanatics and Super Bowl attendees worldwide.”

Well, fear not! China (by that I mean the government via CCTV) have come up with the solution: teach people how to cheer. And so I give you the official Olympic Cheer:

Step 1: Clap two times (while chanting 奥运, “Olympics”)
Step 2: Hands in fists with thumbs up, arms extended upward (while chanting, 加油, “Let’s go!”)
Step 3: Clap two time (while chanting 中国, “China”)
Step 4: Hands in fists, arms extended outward and upward (while chanting 加油, “Let’s go!”)


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