The Young and the Restless in China

Frontline: Young and Restless in China
June 17th at 9PM

I stopped watching TV, mostly, simply because I don’t have time anymore. But I’ll give the PBS feature a plug: Young and Restless in China. It’s a documentary exploring, “the generation coming of age in China today. Shot over four years, the film follows a group of nine young Chinese from across the country as they scramble to keep pace with a society changing as fast as any in history. Their stories of ambition and desire, exuberance, crime and corruption are interwoven with moments of heartache and despair. Together they paint an intimate portrait of the generation that is remaking China.” (Yea, that’s right from the press release)

Watch and tell me how it is. I’m curious.


3 thoughts on “The Young and the Restless in China”

  1. Watched online and my impression is that the documentary does a good job of portraying the main themes of the generation. Some classic stylistic weaving of the storyline makes for a good comparative look to the different lifestyles in China. Well worth a few minutes…

  2. I thought that the piece was very interesting and it allows people to realize that there are many burgeoning differences in Chinese societies. The most striking part I thought was the emphasis that all of the people–save for the woman lawyer who lost her boyfriend to another woman– placed upon the acquisition of wealth and how in their pursuit of money, people are forgetting their good, everyday morals.

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