Melophonophobia – The Fear of Acappella

Come next fall, I’ll be re-joining up with my acappella group, Stuck in the Middle. The last time I sang with them is when we recorded our latest CD, last summer. Well, the CD was released a few months ago, and I never got a chance to talk about it here. Recording CDs is a fantastic experience and opportunity for small groups like us. It’s an exercise in teamwork and a culmination of a year or more of hard rehearsals and many live performances. We recorded with Tapeworks in Connecticut which has established a little niche in acappella recording. An article at Discmakers outlines what Tapeworks does so well. Also, take a peak at a few clips of our tracks.

I am proud of our album, Melophonophobia. And it is quite a feat since the group is far more adept at doing a live concert than sitting in a studio. Getting everyone focused in purely on sound is difficult. And yet, there is a delicate balance of trying to capture the magic of the live concert and package it in a CD. How do you get the energy/excitement and bottle it in a CD? Well, we tried and I think it is an entertaining album with tracks ranging from Prayer of the Children (a traditional choral number) to Cry Me a River (Justin).

Want a copy? Drop me a line.


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  1. I was informed of pricing for CDs:
    $12 for Melophonophobia (2008)
    $10 for Diluting the Talent Pool (2005)

    Any takers? I have two solos (“Right Me Up” and “Disarm”) if that encourages anyone…

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