Splitworks and Summer Fun

Some folks may be wondering what I am doing wandering about Beijing in the height of summer. I am currently interning at Splitworks, a live music and production company based out of Shanghai. The Beijing office is considerably smaller than the Shanghai team but I find it interesting nonetheless.

My latest project has been working on this: “getting into the summer spirit with that great hallmark of the season: the cross-country roadtrip. In late July we’ll be sticking two of Beijing’s indie bands (most likely PK14 and Hedgehog) in a specially converted bus and 3 supporting wagons for a pilgrimage to 6 Chinese cities: Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha and Beijing. Footage from this daring feat — along China’s nearly 2,000,000 km of roads and amongst 57,000,000 cars –will be incorporated into a Chinese docudrama. If 65-plus hours on China’s roads doesn’t drive this band of merrymakers legally insane, then it’s sure to inspire some kickass shows nationwide.”

And the “converted bus” part is no small feat. A bus has to be designed, built, and outfitted in Tianjin in under a month’s time. I’ve made two trips to the crazy Tianjin factory where a lot of Chinese police vehicles also get outfitted (hence, no pictures allowed). And in my downtime, my mission is to figure out the who and what of Beijing nightlife and live music.

Next up: In August, I switch over to work for KTSF, the San Francisco Bay Area Chinese-language television station. Get ready…


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