What’s Your Chinese Name?

The Hilton Hotel “Be a Hosptitable Traveler” site decided that for the Olympics, they would create a program to give Westerners a Chinese name. So without further ado, my automatically generated Chinese name is: 孔榮毅 or Kong Rongyi in pinyin. The site says, “Above is the Chinese name which was “inspired” by your English name. Chinese uses characters rather than an alphabet, so names cannot be directly translated from English to Chinese. However, Chinese characters can be chosen which approximate the English pronounciation, which is what this program does.” More important the disclaimer: “This page is mostly created for entertainment. Real Chinese names should be chosen by someone who knows the nuances of Chinese language and culture. Ask a native speaker if you want a Chinese name you will actually use. Also, this tool will not translate Chinese names written in English back to their original Chinese form.”

Yes, my real Chinese name is: 姜宇东 or Jiang Yudong in pinyin.