With Just Hours to Go

Call me brainwashed, but I disagree with Daniel Oshinsky who says, “One more thought: sitting in McDonalds this morning, watching the Chinese watch the torch relay on CCTV while waving their “Go China Go!” flags, I just felt terrible for them. These Games are really their moment. Instead, tonight could be a train wreck.”

I think it won’t make a difference if there are clouds tonight. I don’t think it’ll make a difference if athletes do indeed pull-out tonight. I don’t think athletes will pull out of the ceremonies tonight at all.

Beijing is awash in enthusiasm. The parties are planned. Excepting a major change in events (act of terror, an earthquake, or whatever), I think Beijing and all of China will be dancing in the street tonight.

I feel great for the Chinese and Beijing. They poured their heart into these games and for that, it will be their moment. Journalists from around the world can report all they want, but I bet that China pride will shine through rain or clouds or whatever tonight.