Because I Really Did Like Your Class

At the invitation of my history teacher, Jesse, I spoke about the Olympics, KTSF, and Beijing at my high school (UHS) today. To be honest, it was a little odd. I asked if there were any classes I could sit in on and was reminded that there aren’t many teachers I know left. It’s only been three or almost four years since I graduated from high school. But alas, some teachers stopped in: Doc, Ariel, Kate to name a few old timers. I also saw Vicky, Rae Ann, and Diane.

Yes, we called our teachers by their first names.

Rae Ann pulled me into her classroom for a moment to chat about a blog post I did way back in 2003 about the start of that school year. I wrote a post of small anecdotes about classes, that was supposed to come off as facetious. For Rae Ann, I wrote about how she handed us a book and said it was a “tearjerker.” As I remember, the first day of AP Environmental Science was crazy, and I said so. But these many years later, Rae Ann and several other teachers’ names still appear on my old old blog (it was called an online diary back then)

But in the age Googling, people really do care about what is out there on the internet. From that first day I called Rae Ann’s class “crazy”, I soon really began to enjoy that class and ended up loving it. I still take a huge interest in environmental studies and am likely a environmental studies minor at Middlebury. But you wouldn’t know that should Google find you the one page that mentions my first-day reactions to Environmental Science.

So, I’ve locked and saved my old old blog site. I want to preserve and be able to look back upon my state of mind in high school, so I didn’t delete anything. But it shouldn’t show up in Google anymore.

That said, I really hope everyone takes an active role in promoting themselves online. If you Google Ryan Kellett, what comes up? My own website. I control or know who publishes 18 of the top 20 results for my own name. If you don’t like what’s out there about you, then start publishing stuff about yourself (blog, twitter, top stories) so that small-time mentions (like a 2003 blog) will be buried hundreds of results away.

I can’t say that I will always write positive things about others, but I am certainly more aware about writing about others online than I was in 2003. Yes, it truly is the age of