A Web Makeover for Middlebury

I got my first email account when I was in third grade courtesy of my tech-savvy elementary school — that’s somewhere around the age of 9. That was 1994. I got a personal AOL dialup account at home that same year.

Fast forward twelve years and I’ve embraced my inner geek. I recently was selected by the President of the College to serve on the “Web Makeover Committee” of Middlebury College. It’s a project to re-engineer the Middlebury College website. It’s a challenging project because I have little experience in institutional web developent. I have always strongly advocated building a personal web presence and have done so myself through this blog as well as my other web-projects including MiddBlog. But an institutional website has hudreds of thousands of web pages and must achieve a wide variety of goals. There are multiple stakeholders that must invest and commit to a website that suits their needs.

My job over the next few months is to push students on campus to think critically about what they want for their institutional college website so that a repeat of the leaf-logo debacle doesn’t happen. But thinking pragmatically and progressively can put Middlebury at the forefront of higher education web development.


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