The New On Rye

Welcome to the redesigned On Rye Blog at (or soon to be transferred to As part of a several week revamp and cleanup of my online life, I readjusted this blog in design, technology, and hopefully in perspective…

Design: First, you’ll notice that I’m opting for a darker, simpler, and cleaner design. The homepage now only features the latest few posts and removes a cluttered two-sidebar look. I also no longer have my own face staring back at me whenever I visit my own website. Let’s just hope my ego has deflated an appropriate amount as a result. The idea behind this interface is that the reduced emphasis on the actual blog part of the website. As many on the Intertubes have noted, the era of the personal blog has entered its dying days. This blog/website can now focus more on presenting some of my digital media projects and while still being an online home-base.

Technology: I have moved this blog from to This means nothing to the average viewer but it means that I have opted to no longer host my own content. In other words, I have ceded control of some aspects of the customizability of the website in exchange for not paying $10 a month to Yahoo.

Perspective: I want to challenge myself to get back into blogging at an interval of once a week. One could call it a new year’s resolution. But more important than how frequently I blog, I’d like to renew a sense of why I blog. I think I’ve lost of blogging as a means of self-reflection and a place for stewing ideas. Of course, I will continue to use this blog as documentation tool, as I always have.


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  1. Well you’re right about one thing, it IS a lot darker… does this mean you’re going to start singing Disarm again? 😉 I miss your pictures and little bit of colorful Ryan flair.

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