SIM Circus Review

Catching up on some end of the year events. My acappella group, Stuck in the Middle, held our final concert on the last day of classes for the Fall semester at Middlebury College. We did “SIM Circus,” an epic concert that featured the members of the groups as various “acts.” We also invited the talented Flying Fists Juggling Brigade which provided the actually hard feats of stilt-walking and glow-in-the-dark juggling. Fun times all around with the premier of our version of the Michael Jackson favorite “Thriller” and a few other songs that we learned this semester.

Overall, I was really happy with a solid semester for SIM. As the music director, I tallied up our stats: 22 performances in three or so months. Our most oft sung songs were: Beautiful Thing (Sister Hazel), Apologize (OneRepublic), Joy to the World (Three Dog Night), and Hold My Hand (?).