Rift of Taste and Work

Ira Glass of NPR’s This American Life talks about “the gap” between your taste (ideals) and your work. He argues that you can’t really give up just because you know your work “sucks.”

I’ve given up before: singing. There was a point where there was an enormous gap between my vocal production as a singer and my ideal vocal production as a singer. I know good singing from bad singing and I was sucking. So, I gave up. I stopped singing seriously and I know to this day I’m not going back to become a professional or even a serious singer.

But I think I made the right choice. Ira Glass argues that you have to work at it for years to achieve success, and everyone goes through this period. I agree, but I quit at the right time. I quit to work at something else. And I am OK with that. I am fine with the fact that my singing today doesn’t match my taste.