Intern Edition and the Next Gen Journal

When I’m not working hard on all my Social Media Desk duties (like blogging or moderating comments), I’m hacking away at the new NPR Intern Edition blog.

I’ve been working hard to curate a section called “Next Gen Journal Consider This Journalism” with posts from young people on the future of journalism. This has been a fascinating project because not only do I get to work with NPR interns, but also interns and young people at various media outlets from the Boston Globe to Foreign Policy Magazine.

The impetus for such a project came from reading through the 800+ people that I follow on the @NPRinterns twitter stream. Many of the tweets are by PR representatives pontificating on the future of journalism. Most are alarm-bell articles that are meant to get internet traffic and be passed around the web. I wanted to know what future journalists (people who had already devoted themselves to the craft) thought about the future of their industry. After all, they are the ones that would have to make it work.

This is a bit broader than the idea of next generation radio, a concept that is in the NPR archives for past interns. More than ever, NPR interns must be multimedia savvy. We were told by the NPR VP of News and WATC Host last week to be able to be a freelance journalist with skills in all media, not just radio or print.

Furthermore, I want to reinforce the importance of the question: “What is the future of journalism?” I don’t think I’ll come to a conclusion but the process of discussing it should be worth it.