Intern Edition Website Launch

One of the unique aspects of an internship at NPR is that interns here are expected to learn by doing their own show: Intern Edition. Yesterday, we launched our multimedia website and the audio premiere with a screening at NPR’s headquarters here in Washington D.C.

Embracing the inner geek in me, I helped out with web stuff. I assembled ten years of audio through the painstaking process of ripping old Real Media files second for second. But tech speak aside, it meant listening to a ton of old audio produced by young people starting back in 1999. And a lot of the stories are particularly compelling.

My real job for yesterday was to keep the buzz going on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Today, I’m trying a new tool to schedule tweets to go out automatically at certain intervals with links to our content. So far, it’s working alright. Interns produced 30+ stories so we have plenty of content to work with in the last two weeks of our internship.

But perhaps the best thing so far has been working with some fantastic fellow interns. I know that a lot of these people will end up being amazing journalists both radio and otherwise. It’s not enough to be smart, these folks have the skills to be sharp curators of information and ideas, working on multiple platforms.

So, definitely check out the website and browse around.