Job Search and Rescue

I tried to keep secret where I applied to college during my senior year in high school. Most of my friends at least tried to exercise some discretion as well so that we had some semblance of privacy. We kept to ourselves despite having nothing to be ashamed of. NYTimes’ Choice blog covers this phenomenon today.

Now that I’m looking for work after graduating from college in January, it got me thinking. Do I keep job applications secret like I did college apps?

The quick answer is no. If you ask, I’ll tell you. But I’m certainly not social about job search (despite this article in the WSJ). By “social” I mean that for all the twitteringfacebook, blogging, and social media I do, I don’t talk online about my own job search. I’ve been carefully reading and nodding along to what Willy Franzen has to say on the matter:

What I don’t understand is why job search has to be accompanied by solitude…Because job searching sucks, most people don’t want to talk about it. When they find a great article about job search, they keep it to themselves. How often do you see a friend post a job or an article about job searching Facebook? Now how often do you see a friend post a funny picture on Facebook? The technology is there for sharing, but you’re not using it (and neither are your friends)….People want to help you. That’s it. Don’t worry about competition. Don’t worry about being judged. Don’t worry about looking desperate. Your friends want to help. Your parents want to help. And most importantly, people who you don’t even know yet want to help.

I’m convinced by this argument. Without compromising my interaction with my potential employers, why shouldn’t I blog and reflect on the job search process? The more people who know I’m looking for a job, the more that will be on the lookout. And in this economy, I want to see and help my friends get suitable jobs too. So, I’m kicking off a holiday effort to be social about looking for work. Look for a few posts this month on the job search.


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