Location OR a Dream Job, What Happened to AND?

I’ve had more than one person give me job advice that has this line as a starting place for the job hunt: “pick where you want to be or what you want to do.” Logically, this makes sense. Try to determine which of the two major factors in a job search matters more to you: location or the job itself. But the more I think about it, the more I become uneasy about this advice.

If you choose a location, it feels like you’re sacrificing not getting a job you want. If you choose a job, it feels like you’re sacrificing your personal life.

My angle is to do a bit of both. Do I want to end up in Oklahoma? Probably not unless a company has something damn good to offer me in OK. Do I want a job in San Francisco? Not if it’s not something I don’t want to do. I think each instance must be weighed independently. It’s a different formula each time. As such, I have been looking and applying all over the map. I won’t even rule out China. But I also am not after a specific job title or a specific company.


One thought on “Location OR a Dream Job, What Happened to AND?”

  1. Ha! You say this as if China were lucky not to be taken to the chopping block! Just kidding, but I’d agree. And wait, are you at Midd through January?

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