Just before graduating, my a cappella group SIM released our third album, “clap.stomp.” I’ll be honest, I’m pretty proud of it mostly because I don’t think the group settled for anything less than our best on it. It’s a collection of eleven really solid songs that celebrate what the group is all about: a good time. I wrote this for the album text:

clap.stomp. is about the feeling you get from belting out your favorite song in the shower or whistling that tune you can’t get our of your head. It’s about the raw energy and exuberance of singing and moving unencumbered. That’s our kind of a cappella. We believe deeply in the funof singing as if no one is watching. So go ahead and join us — snap your fingers, bob your head, clap your hands, and stomp your feet to someof our favorite tunes.

That said, it’s a very produced CD. The group made a decision to heavily mix and even distort some of the tracks. I am usually a fan of clean, no-nonsense a cappella. But this conscious effort shows what we can do when we plug-in and take the time to complexify our normally acoustic style.

Have a listen to a promo of my one solo:

If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy from the Middlebury Bookstore. Should be on iTunes within a few weeks too.


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  1. Had a chance to listen to the new SIM CD this weekend. Very nice indeed and the best work from SIM so far.

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