A Four Month Future

I get this a lot now: “Haven’t you graduated?”

Yes, I have. Thank you. It’s a compliment, really. I cherish my liberal arts degree, but I am still here in good ol’ Middlebury, VT. For the next four months through May, I will be working for Middlebury College in a hodgepodge of roles. My office is in the Old Stone Mill where I work with the Project on Innovation and Creativity in the Liberal Arts. Whew, that’s a long title. I also am doing research on food security (think Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation). Last, I work on “projects in President’s Office.”

I’m still job searching, but now with a longer time horizon even if I’m not contributing to the US unemployment rate. It’s not often that one can legitimately blog about the job search while being employed, so I’ll cherish the opportunity to do it right. In fact, I hope to open up more about the challenges that face my fellow mid-year graduates and myself. Hopefully, I’ll even have some job opportunities to share.

To give you an idea of how my fellow grads are doing, here’s a quick sprinkling of what some of my friends (minus names) are up to right now:

  • Flying around the country doing Ph.D. program interviews
  • Working for the National Institute of Health (NIH) processing grants
  • In Israel learning Hebrew and volunteering
  • Preparing to begin two years worth of work in Africa for the Peace Corps
  • Working at a bike shop while preparing for an Ironman