• Eat Local, if possible: As easy as it is to save a few bucks by eating in the dining hall post-graduation, I’m not researching food security for naught. If anything, books like Omnivore’s Dilemma prove to me that I at least should try eating a bit more sustainably. Luckily, it’s somewhat easy to eat with a conscience in Middlebury due to the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op and hopefully the return of the farmer’s market come Spring. If I can’t do it here in Middlebury, I probably can’t do it elsewhere. I would hesitate to say that I’m going to kick off a Bill McKibben-esque challenge to ONLY eat local (for a year) but I want to make an attempt.
  • Cook: Connected with the above goal, I need to be able to consistently cook my own meals with enough variety that I can eat “in” for an indefinite amount of time. Nothing against eating out, but this is a useful skill that I must develop beyond sandwiches and spaghetti.
  • Investing/Money Management: It’s a little scary when you’re mother says to you, “You’ve graduated, I’m handing over all the accounts for you manage now.” My economics courses at Middlebury were not investing focused at all. So, my goal in the next few months is do my research. Any good books, tutorials, etc?
  • Blog Every Day: In 2006, on this very blog, I wrote: “Blogging is something that sharpens my writing skills. It’s a daily renewal of writing, as a skill and that is important to me.” Still is true.
  • Find an adventure for post-May, preferably without a resume: So, Seth Godin talks about showing people that you deserve to be hired. I’m not even really talking about getting a job via guanxi but rather having my work speak for itself. I’ve been using this website as a portfolio for the past half year or so. It’s far richer and better than my actual resume.

Are there any other goals I should be considering?

Update: I’m adding a goal.

  • Read like a champion: If there’s anything that I pick up from the blogs I read is that the smartest people read a ton. I currently don’t and I blame it on Middlebury for making me “read” so much useless stuff in my time as an undergrad. Consistency of reading longer work (not just web news articles) is important to really understand issues and do research.

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